Choosing a Groomsman Suit For Your Wedding


If you’re not sure what to wear for your groomsmen, you might want to consider renting them a groomsman suit. Rental companies often have special discounts for groomsmen and can provide free use of a groomsman’s vest. You can also find a groomsman’s suit guide from websites such as Norman’s Tux.

Groomsman suits come in many different colors and styles. They can be customized to fit a man’s body type and style. They are also extremely comfortable and flattering. They’re an essential part of a wedding, and can be a great way to ensure your friends and family are well-dressed and look great on your special day.

When choosing a suit for your groomsmen, consider the colors and details. The color of the suit and the style should complement your groom’s wedding colors. In addition, the style of the pocket square and the boutonniere should be distinctive. A red pocket square, for example, signals that the groom is a little different.

Another important part of a groomsman suit is the tie. Men should wear black ties. They can be solid, striped, or polka dot. It’s not necessary to buy an elaborate tie, but it should look good with the rest of the wedding colors. Also, a groomsman suit can be complemented with a pair of shoes.

Although it’s traditional for wedding attendants to buy their own suits, it’s also possible to rent them. You should inform your groomsmen about the price and the selection process. If you’re planning to have your groomsmen wear their own suits, give them guidelines on the style they should wear. They should send you a picture of their outfit several months before the wedding.

Before ordering, make sure to get a sizing guide. Most wedding-dedicated suiting companies offer rush delivery. This way, you can avoid any shipping delays, size problems, or mistakes in your order. Another important feature of groomsmen suits is the inclusion of socks. This allows for the groomsmen to express their individuality, and they can also be an expression of your personal style.

When choosing a groomsman suit, keep in mind the wedding’s theme. If it’s a summer wedding, a tuxedo may be too formal for the event. Instead of a tuxedo, you can choose a suit with lighter colors and fabrics.

In addition to rental companies, you can also purchase a groomsman suit from online stores. You can get a stylish suit for less than you would pay to rent it from a store. Prices range from $450 to $650. Some companies also offer free fabric swatches and free home try-ons.

During the fall and winter seasons, you may want to consider a tuxedo in a darker color. For example, a grey tuxedo looks a bit warmer than a tuxedo in a warm color like red. If the wedding is in a winter setting, you can also try a velvet tuxedo. Ruffles and a tartan pocket square can add a festive flair.