UFC Fight Night 71 Predictions

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If you’re looking for UFC fight night 71 predictions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down the main event’s four most-anticipated bouts into a quick and easy-to-understand list. In this article, we’ll talk about the Blood Diamond vs Jeremiah Wells matchup, Pimblett vs Vendramini, Sandhagen vs Dillashaw matchup, Ferguson versus Thomson vs Huntemann, and the welterweight title fight between Jorgensen and Thompson.

Blood Diamond vs Jeremiah Wells

Among the many UFCS on UFC Fight Night 71 fights, Blood Diamond vs Jeremiahwells stands out for its mixed martial arts background. The kickboxing star trains alongside top UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya. Though he lost his UFC debut to Wells in February, Blood Diamond will have a significant advantage on the feet. We believe that he has a solid chance of earning his first UFC victory.

Blood Diamond has two losses in MMA, with one coming to Israel Adesanya. He is a former kickboxer and has three MMA fights. Despite the loss, he has won the King of the Ring kickboxing tournament in New Zealand and is a master of stand-up. If he manages to take down his opponent, he will be a difficult challenge.

In his debut, Wells knocked out Warlley Alves in the second round. He uses his aggressive approach to pressurize his opponents in standing position and throws powerful punches. He also demonstrates good wrestling techniques. He tries to break his opponent using ground and pound. We will find out whether he’s able to defend his chin in the ring.

The fighters are not that far apart in their skills. In fact, the only fight between the two has reached the third round after being stopped for illegal strikes to the head. So, unless he is able to finish his opponent in the first round, I think the fight will be a technical one. And with both fighters being aggressive, it’s hard to pick out a winner.

Pimblett vs Vendramini vs Sandhagen vs Dillashaw

If you want to make money betting on MMA fights, you need to know which fighters are good in their weight classes. Sandhagen has a solid record and has won his last seven bouts. He has a good chin, but he’s not quite as explosive as Dillashaw.

The winner will face the winner of Pimblett vs Vendermini. Pimblett is 2-0 in the UFC and made Eduardo Vargas tap out in the first round. He’s a big favorite for this fight and is expected to receive an enthusiastic crowd at the O2 Arena.

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Luigi Vendramini is another solid bet for Pimblett. He’s only lost twice in his UFC career and needs a bounce-back win to make the top 10. Pimblett also has a good ground game and is likely to be a good value wager.

Ferguson vs Thomson vs Huntemann

If you’re planning to watch Ferguson versus Thomson vs Huntemann on UFC fight night 71, there are a few things to look for. Thomson is the former Strikeforce lightweight champion and one of the best fighters of all time. He has a 3-3 record in the UFC with a win and a loss, respectively, to Benson Henderson and Bobby Green. Ferguson’s recent injury history makes him a dangerous choice.

The odds are stacked against the lightweight title contender, but if this fight can’t go the way we want, we should go with the underdog. Thomson’s recent loss to Benson Henderson will be the toughest test of his recent win streak, but he should be able to come out fighting and impose his wrestling game from the opening bell. Thomson’s recent bout showed his dominance, moving into back mount multiple times in the five-round battle.

The main event is headlined by Tony Ferguson and Josh Thomson. While neither fighter is a long-time veteran, both have impressive resumes. Ferguson has a history of impressive KO victories and is still one of the most impressive in the UFC. He’s won four of his five fights in a row, while Thomson has lost three in a row via split decision.

Thomson vs Jorgensen vs Jorgensen vs Jorgensen vs Jorgensen

There are a few good predictions for the second-round of Thomson vs. Jorgensen. While neither of these fighters is the most experienced, Thomson has been in the UFC since 2008. He has also fought former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, but that fight was under the WEC banner. Since then, Jorgensen has struggled to find himself and has gone a combined 4-5.

The fight is a big test for Jorgensen, who is trying to salvage his UFC career after falling short three times. Although Jorgensen is only 2-6 since 2012, he’s fought some of the best in the sport. Gamburyan is a former Ultimate Fighter contestant and has fought some of the best in the world. In his last fight, he submitted Cody Gibson in the second round.

Although the UFC Fight Night 71 card isn’t as hyped as previous nights, it still features some intriguing match ups. The heavyweight division remains unpredictable and will provide fans with plenty of fireworks. In addition to Thomson vs. Jorgensen, there are also a couple of other notable fights. In the middleweight division, former champion Frank Mir aims to slow down the Holly Holm hype train and Tony Ferguson will face Scott Jorgensen.

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Although neither fighter has a title shot, Jorgensen has been awful since his title challenge. He has lost his last four fights by submission. He’s also a step up from 125. It should be an exciting fight that is a good showcase for Thomson. However, I wouldn’t bet on Thomson to win. He’s a dangerous fighter with great wrestling.

Duffee vs Alcantara

We’ve got our Duffee vs Alcantaria MMA fight night 71 predictions, and it looks like this is going to be an interesting bout. Alcantara is a dangerous striker, but Casey can beat him with his speed. He’ll have to work hard to get to the ground, but he’ll make it happen.

In this fight, we’re seeing a mix of old school and new school. Mir is a UFC Hall of Famer who hasn’t won a fight since December 2011. However, he’s in over his head against a talented young heavyweight like Duffee. Mir will win this fight, but the fight will be a struggle.

The UFC fight card is packed with high-profile matches, but there’s also a few underrated bouts. This week’s UFC fight card features two heavyweight bouts. Frank Mir and Todd Duffee are both underrated. The winner will face a top contender in the heavyweight division. If you like fighting heavyweights, you’ll find this fight to be entertaining and rewarding.

Casey vs Alcantara

The first round of Casey vs Alcantara is all over the map. The fighters have been fighting each other for three years now, and it is always exciting to see a return. While it is still hard to predict a winner in this fight, the odds favor Casey. As the main event of UFC fight night 71, this is an interesting matchup that will have many surprises.

Ildemar Alcantara is the heavier opponent. He fought at every weight up to heavyweight, and he has never been stopped. His UFC debut came at light heavyweight, and he beat Wagner Prado in short notice. After that, Alcantara moved up to welterweight, and his last four fights have been at middleweight. Meanwhile, Kevin Casey is an experienced middleweight who has lost twice in the UFC.

Despite being in the middle of a mid-week stop in Southern California, the UFC has a lot going on this week. If you’re interested in UFC fight night 71, Uproxx Sports is your one-stop shop for UFC fight night 71 predictions. The site has the best odds for all of the top fights, including Casey vs Alcantara. So make sure to check out their predictions before the event begins.