Will Jalen Hurts Get “Freaky” Tonight Against Seattle?

Will Jalen Hurts Get “Freaky” Tonight Against Seattle? photo 0

Will Jalen Hurts get “freaky” tonight against Seattle? Will he keep up with Foles? And can he develop into a long-term starter for the Eagles? This article will give you an idea of how to predict his performance. And you’ll learn some interesting things about the Eagles’ future quarterback.

Will Jalen Hurts be “freaky” tonight versus Seattle?

After a disappointing Week 11 showing, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will return to the starting role for Week 12. That means Jalen Hurts will be the lone wolf under center. The lone wolf role hasn’t been Hurts’ role, which he’s played for the past two weeks. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and ESPN’s Tim McManus, Hurts has a different role and explains his own style.

The situation is critical for Hurts. He’s eligible for a contract extension after this season, and the Philadelphia Eagles will hold two first-round picks in the April draft, which is expected to be a quarterback-rich draft. This means the team has to decide if Hurts is the long-term quarterback for the Eagles. The next few months will determine the direction of the franchise. Philadelphia has surrounded Hurts with the tools necessary to help him win games.

Josh Minshew is the second option in this situation. The Seahawks haven’t been particularly eager to deal Russell Wilson. Meanwhile, the Texans are waiting for the legal woes to subside before deciding on a quarterback. While Minshew is a great backup, he’s only a backup and is not likely to be able to take the starting job.

Hurts’ teammates are supportive and encouraging of their star quarterback. He spoke at length about his relationship with Sirianni and hopes to return next season in the same system. He also talked about the physical limitations he has due to the high ankle sprain he suffered.

Hurts needs to improve his ball security. His 3.9% turnover rate was the eighth highest in the NFL and tied with Zach Wilson and Mayfield. Too often, Hurts tries to squeeze the ball through small windows and ends up with a fumble or turnover. He also ruins too many drives with careless play.

The Philadelphia Eagles started winning games when they switched to a run-based offense and Hurts used his mobility and athleticism to offset his lack of a thrower. He showed marginal improvement in the pocket against the Buccaneers, but he played well enough to stay the starter. The Philadelphia Eagles don’t need an elite quarterback right now, but Hurts has the potential to play like one.

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Will he be able to keep up with Foles?

The Eagles’ offense has been shaky this season, but Nick Foles has shown he’s capable of throwing a deep ball and keeping the ball in the air. The quarterback ranked 26th in completion percentage, but that was due to a poor running game. In the Eagles’ last game against the Buccaneers, Hurts was 23-of-43 for 258 yards and two touchdowns, but he also threw two interceptions. The offense lost by more than 30 points, and the Eagles were 0-7 against teams that could make the playoffs.

The Eagles have a deep offensive roster that can accommodate the presence of multiple quarterbacks. While Hurts has the physical attributes to keep up with Foles, he does not have the mobility that Foles does. His lack of mobility will make him look limited against better defenses.

The Philadelphia Eagles have invested in both quarterbacks to make their offense better. Jalen Hurts was drafted as the second-round pick from Oklahoma. He made his NFL debut in Week 2 against the Bengals. He had two rushes for eight yards and one first-down run.

Hurts has been more comfortable in his QB1 role in the past few weeks. He discussed one of his biggest weaknesses during a recent radio interview with Ike Reese of 94-WIP. Reese played for the Eagles in his first seven seasons.

The Philadelphia Eagles have four games remaining in the regular season. With a healthy Minshew, the team may be able to limp into the playoffs. But Minshew could also stake his claim as the starter next season. Then again, injuries happen, and the Eagles can lose their starting quarterback for the season.

Despite the fact that he’s a backup, Hurts is still a solid option for the Philadelphia Eagles. His performance isn’t going to be perfect, but he’s probably good enough to earn a nice extension. Moreover, Hurts is a top-two rushing threat.

The Eagles’ quarterback situation has changed in the past two seasons. Earlier, the team had a long list of injured players. But the leadership of the NFL ignored these policies and rewarded teams that had healthy players. So, the Eagles now have two young backups, Jalen Hurs and Nick Foles.

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Can he develop into a long-term starter for the Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ organization had hoped to have a competitive team this year, and they certainly did. But it’s important to remember that a team’s success depends on many factors, including the quarterback. This season, Hurts is the third-year starter who has a high ceiling. The Eagles also have a good receiver corps.

Hurts’ path to the NFL has been long and arduous. After spending two seasons at Alabama, he was benched during the national championship game. But after two years of playing in the SEC, he transferred to the Big 12 and starred. In addition, he was a Heisman finalist and helped the Sooners reach the playoffs. Still, Hurts must improve on his decision-making and accuracy to be a successful starter.

Philadelphia’s 2023 draft class is loaded with quarterbacks, with 17 total selections. Despite that, Hurts is the favorite for the starting job. With the three first-round picks in the 2020 draft, they can easily replace Hurts, if he’s not the long-term starter.

The Eagles’ pass defense is more balanced this year. They have three young receivers that should improve the passing game. Then, the Eagles can add another playmaker to the mix. Brown and Smith are the top two playmakers, and Sirianni has several options for No. 3 receiver.

The Eagles’ offseason has added several high-profile players. With those additions, the expectations are even higher. In the end, Joe Sirianni will need to balance the higher expectations. Whether or not Hurs develops into a long-term starter will depend on the team’s success.

While Hurts has shown some signs of potential during his early NFL career, his consistency is the key. His low processing numbers are a major problem and could prevent him from ever reaching his full potential as a passer. If Hurts can’t get past his first read, his ceiling as a passer will remain low. If he can’t improve his accuracy, the Philadelphia Eagles can safely move on to a better quarterback.

If the Eagles don’t upgrade their quarterback, it’s likely that they’ll aggressively draft or trade for a quarterback. This might put the team in a position where they’d be near the top of the 2023 All In-dex. Or, they could stick with Hurts and develop around him.

Aside from his physical ability, Hurs’ arm strength is a huge concern. He ranked dead last among all qualified starting quarterbacks in 2021, which is dead last. The top quarterbacks in the league have a snap to throw time of 2.3 seconds or less. If Hurs improves his arm strength, he should cut his time to under two seconds.