ZZZAHARA’s Sugar Gay Single and Mark McGrath’s Homophobic Meltdown


If you’re in the mood for some sexy bling, the new single by ZZZAHARA is just the thing for you! Read on for our thoughts on the new track and Mark McGrath’s homophobic meltdown. Also, check out our super stickery, removeable sugar gay stickers. There’s a Sugar Gay sticker for every device you could imagine. You can use them on your laptop, phone case, guitar, water bottle, and fridge! Available in white or transparent vinyl, you’ll never run out of places to put them!

ZZZAHARA’s new single “Sugar Gay”

After signing to Lex Records, zzzahara bumped up the production values of her new single, “Sugar Gay.” She enlisted the help of veteran producers Steve Kaye and Dave Cooley to record her new music. While her songs often speak of painful past experiences and past flames, they are infused with a modern pop sensibility. Sugar Gay is a catchy track that will make even the most jaded listener sway to its rhythm.

Mark McGrath’s homophobic meltdown

In ‘Mark McGrath’s Homophobic Meltdown’, the former Extra host describes it as a poetic narrative. Mark is on the verge of laughing, but is too enraged to let go. The narrator’s reaction is typical of a man-child’s frustrations and confusion. His’man-child’ behavior is not a new one.

Removable and super stickery sugar gay stickers

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